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What is Atria

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"ATRIA"...is art and a great deal more! We bring investment art, handicrafts and collectibles from across the Indian Sub-continent under one canopy.  It is THE platform that unifies works from an array of artists and craftspersons, editions and more ranging from £60 to £6000! Whether you are a seasoned collector or looking to make your first purchase, there is truly something for everyone!

Atria's handicrafts collection brings to life traditional craftsmanship honed over thousands of years and combined with art and collectibles from contemporary painters and artists.

Run by women entrepreneurs, Atria aims to create a network of likeminded businesswomen and provide the Foundation for Indian heritage to flourish in the modern context.

Indian Art

Indian Art

Atria's panel of artists spans established painters to newly recognised talent, all of whom produce art exclusively for us and which we offer to our registered clients.



Atria's handicrafts collection brings to life traditional craftsmanship honed over centuries - such as modern images brought to life using temple sculptural techniques.

Platform for

Platform for Entrepreneurs

Atria is the umbrella under which many women entrepreneurs and art enterprises come together to complement our range with their exclusive products.

How do we do it?

London-based Atria designs, curates and manages themed exhibitions and events combining art, handicrafts and collectibles. We source our works directly from traditional craftspersons, artists as well as from partner organisations run by women. We stage our events not just in popular city centre venues but also in out-of-town locations that go towards spreading the awareness of our partner organisations and their work.  One platform for many streams of art provides the impact of a much larger movement that is of huge benefit to small, entrepreneurial organisations across many of these channels.

  • Art on various media
  • Metalwork and carving
  • Traditional handicrafts
  • Festive and Wedding Gifts

Our Network

A network of art- and heritage-focused organisations worldwide work with Atria in furthering our cause.  Energised by the exposure and reach of Atria, traditional stone-carvers, festival gift-makers, modernist painters, metalworkers and many other organisations are, verily, integral to the Atria family.  Many of these are led, promoted and run by women in India and Atria is the global expression of their mission....and our combined vision.  If you are an organisation interested in being part of our family, please do not hesitate to reach out and  talk to us.

Support our Charity

Not only do we support women entrepreneurs, we are immensely proud to dedicate a part of our proceeds to our appointed charities including some of the  world's largest aid organisation that recycle clothing for the poor.  If you are interested in being part of Atria's Investment for Charity programme, write to us here.



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Atria selects artists and craftspersons primarily from the Indian Sub-continent.   These include some of the best known names including Gopi Gajwani, the Delhi-based veteran artist, renowned professors of art including Jai Zharotia and Prem Singh, contemporary figurative artist Niladri Paul, S. G. Vasudev whose opus of art on 'Vriksha' or the tree of life resonates worldwide, as well as accomplished sculptors like Ganesh Bhatt whose carvings adorn temples dotted around India.  All our artists provide a Certificate of Authenticity under Atria's auspices so investors can be assured of what they are acquiring.

Our handicrafts, festival gifts and Wedding attire are created exclusively for us and based on designs that our clients recommend.  This means that we cater to personal tastes and requirements of discerning buyers of art and artefacts.

  • Atria has its finger firmly on the art pulse!  They understand exactly what buyers need; their selection of art and artists seems effortlessly aligned to what the markets demand.

    —  Art Gallery Director, Edinburgh, U.K.
  • I am deeply impressed by the way in which Atria understood the rather sketchy brief for a new art commission.  The end result was spot on, as if I had briefed the artist directly.

    Art Collector & buyer, Beijing, China

About Us

Behind the Magic of Atria...

Women entrepreneurs are at the root of Atria.  The vision for a global umbrella network that is Atria today was seeded when the founders began to bring affordable art from India over several years.  The current structure of Atria was conceived and established in 2011-12.  Based in the Bohemian West London quarter of Chiswick that thousands of artists, musicians, theatre and film personalities call home, Atria is perfectly located to attract the best talent and partner organisations from the South Asian region.

Team 1

Amita Shankar


New Delhi-born Amita made London her home in the late '80s. An entrepreneur herself, Amita has been actively working with art collectors, auction houses and supporting their operations since 2006. Her deep insight of evolving tastes for art give Atria the decisive edge and provide the distinct advantage for partner organisations under Atria's umbrella

Team 1

Neetika Garg

Founder-DirectorWith extensive experience of working with thriving art circuits of Delhi, Chandigarh and other Indian cities, Neetika is already a well- known.  With a background in architecture and design, she has been organising art events and exhibitions in the UK for several years and she has built the  partner network that makes Atria so unique

Atria Announcements

news and happenings from across the Atria network

Exhibitions, events, lecture-demonstrations, private viewings and preview evenings are just some of ways in which our clients interact with us.  Of course, if you want to be informed and stay abreast with all the information about Atria, please write to Francois Deleuze (francois@atriagallery.com).  Here are some events you can look forward to:


Launch Event!

Atria Gallery is proud to launch, Tradition in Modernity, an exhibition of contemporary Indian art in Bohemian West London.  POSK Gallery, at 238-246 Kings St., Hammersmith, London W6 0RF, hosts our kick-off of what promises to be a creative Indian Summer!

POSK Gallery

The Nehru Centre

Tradition in Modernity, our launch theme continues at The Nehru Centre, 8 South Audley St., Mayfair, London W1K 1HF.  See Write to us if you are interested to be at the closed-door preview evening for invitees only.

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Gerrards Cross

Atria's events occur not just in city centre venues but also in accessible suburban locations - this time we go to the Gerrards Cross Community Centre's Garden Room where we cater to clients from Buckinghamshire, Oxford and the Midlands

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Diwali Event

Gifts, handicrafts and festive art will be theme of our pre-Diwali event in which we present a bespoke range of our products for that special occasion and for different sparkle - it won't be your normal Diwali this year!

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Christmas Event

Be it Christmas Stocking Stuffers or Gifts under the tree, don't miss Atria flagship event where we put on the show of the year.  We will be announcing this date on Twitter by August 2014 to give you plenty of time to plan ahead.

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Atria Gallery
Gallery#27, Conduit House
315 Chiswick High Road
London W4 4HH
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At Atria, we strive to improve our service  to you and value your comments and suggestions: do write to our Office Manager, Francois Deleuze (francois@atriagallery.com)
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